Plan of Action

Ensure that you are following the dietary recommendations in the Nutrition section, making sure that you eat little and often to keep your blood sugar balanced. This reduces sweet cravings and also keeps your metabolism working at optimum level. Follow the supplement programme over a period of three months to rectify any deficiencies and to help with the weight loss.


The supplement programme below should be taken for at least three months in order to achieve best results.

A good multivitamin and mineral supplement eg Femforte II
B-complex (containing 50 mg of most of the B vitamins, taken daily)
Chromium polynicotinate or picolinate (200mcg per day)
Zinc citrate (30 mg per day)
Co-enzyme Q10 30mg twice per day
Linseed (flaxseed) oil (1000mg per day)


The tests below have been specially selected to be the most helpful if you are concerned about dieting.

Mineral Analysis Test with Supplement and Nutritional Assessment Programme

Online Personalised Supplement Assessment Programme

Food/Allergy Intolerance Test

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (Yeast Overgrowth) (Stool test)

After three months you would then have a re-test in order to monitor your progress and adjust your supplement programme according to your new condition. If you need help in obtaining any of the supplements, herbs or tests mentioned above, click, The Natural Health Practice. They can supply all of them for you online or if you prefer to talk to somebody first you can also order by mail order on the telephone. The products supplied by this company are always of the highest quality. The section above forms part of a larger 14 page chapter on Natural Alternatives to Dieting taken from my book, “The Nutritional Health Handbook for Women” In the rest of the chapter you will learn what the medical approaches to dieting are and how to combine them with the natural approach. This is called Integrated Medicine and is the way that healthcare of the future is moving towards. You will also learn what medical tests will give you an accurate diagnosis of your condition and if you really need to have them. The medical treatments for dieting are then examined which can include looking at either drugs or surgery. Each treatment is then discussed and the pros and cons of the options explained. The Integrated Approach to dieting is considered in some detail so that if appropriate you can know how to combine the best of both conventional and natural medicine.

At the end of the chapter is a practical step by step summary of what you can do to help yourself.

If you would like to read the rest of this chapter click, Natural Alternatives to Dieting chapter and you will be given details of how you can download the whole chapter. Or if you would like even more in depth advice about Dieting you should read “Natural Alternatives to Dieting”; an international best seller acclaimed by many as “one of the best books I have ever read on dieting.”


There are some excellent organic herbal tea formulas that I use and have found to be very effective for helping to control your weight. They come in liqud form and are simple dropped into hot water to make a tea or added to your favourite drink or juice.
If you need help in obtaining any of the supplements, herbs or tests mentioned above, click, The Natural Health Practice. They can supply all of them for you online or if you prefer to talk to somebody first you can also order by mail order on the telephone. The products supplied by this company are always of the highest quality.


If you have been yo-yo dieting for a number of years, either restricting your food intake or trying different diet drinks or pills, it is likely that you are deficient in a number of vitamins and minerals. Supplements could certainly help if you know you’re been depriving yourself for a long time. You may want to find out if you are deficient and there are tests now available to do just that. Click Tests

Multivitamin and Mineral

A good quality multivitamin and mineral would form the foundation of your supplement programme to make sure that you are getting a ‘little bit of everything’. You then add in the nutrients listed below in slightly higher amounts which are known to be helpful for the weight loss.

B vitamins

These are important vitamins in terms of weight loss, and they are often known as the ‘stress’ vitamins. Vitamins B3 and B6 are especially important because they help to supply fuel to cells, which are then able to burn energy. Vitamin B6 together with zinc is necessary for the production of pancreatic enzymes which help you to digest food. If your digestion is good, you will be much more likely to use your food efficiently, instead of storing it as fat.

Vitamins B2, B3 and B6 are necessary for normal thyroid hormone function production, so any deficiencies in these can affect thyroid function and consequently affect metabolism. B3 is also a component of the glucose tolerance factor which is released every time your blood sugar rises. Vitamin B5 is involved in energy production and helps to control fat metabolism.

As you can see, the B vitamins as a group are important and the best way to get them is in a good B-complex supplement.


This mineral has been the most widely researched nutrient in relation to weight loss Chromium is needed for the metabolism of sugar and without it insulin is less effective in controlling blood sugar levels. This means that it is harder to burn off your food as fuel and more may be stored as fat. It also helps to control levels of fat and cholesterol in the blood. One study showed that people who took chromium over a ten-week period lost an average of 1.9kg (4.2lb) of fat while those who took a dummy tablet lost only 0.2kg (0.4lb).


This is an important mineral in appetite control and a deficiency can cause a loss of taste and smell, creating a need for stronger tasting foods (which tend to be sweeter, saltier and more fattening!) Zinc also functions with vitamins A and E to manufacture the thyroid hormones.

Co-enzyme Q10

Co-enzyme Q10 is needed for energy production. It is found in all the tissues and organs in the body. As we get older we may become deficient, which results in a reduction of energy. It has been used to help heart problems, high blood pressure, gum disease and immune deficiencies.

It has also been shown to help with weight loss. A study showed that people on a low-fat diet doubled their weight loss when taking Co Q10 compared to those using diet alone.

Garcinia cambogia

A tropical fruit called Garcinia cambogia which is used in Thai and Indian cooking contains HCA (hydroxy-citric acid), which encourages your body to use carbohydrates as energy, rather than laying them down as fat. The HCA in this fruit seems to curb appetite, reduce food intake and inhibit the formation of fat and cholesterol.

Info about Weight Loss Herbs

White Kidney Bean Powder

Phaseolus Vulgaris
Phaseolamin is a derivitive of the white kidney bean that has been clinically shown to reduce the body’s ability to digest calories from starch.

Beet root

Beta Vulgaris
Beta vulgaris encourages and supports liver metabolism, and enriches the blood.


Chitosan is a derivative of chitin, which is a component of the exoskeleton of shellfish like shrimp, lobster, and crabs. Chitosan acts by encapsulating the fat and cholesterol in the food before the body has a chance to absorb them. The body then eliminates the Chitosan with the fatty mass.

White Willow (bark)

Salix Alba
When combined with the other ingredients, Salix Alba is valued for its ability to promote the metabolism of fat and increase caloric expenditure.


L-Methionine acts as a catalyst for the constituents that are integrally involved in the process employed by the liver to burn excess fat.
Fenugreek (extract)

Trigonella Foenumgraecum
Aids the body in balancing sugar levels, reducing present cholesterol, and supports digestive tract health.

Green Tea (Leaf)

Camellia Sinensis
Recent data indicates strong evidence that Camellia Sinensis may have a stimulating effect upon caloric expenditure and fat oxidation.